Our story

Where did the app come from?

Most things are created from a want,
a need, or a desire.
I practice and teach Kundalini Yoga.
I travel frequently
(think weighty books, iPod, iPhone,
IPad, how many pairs of shoes . . .)
and I also lose track of where I am
in my often multiple concurrent sadhanas.

The idea for the sadhana app
kept coming up in meditation.
It’s when most of my inspiration and ideas come.
So, I followed my intuition and
decided to run with it.
(with a great team of developers from India)

I thought if I'd find it useful,
then others surely would too.
Please share the app
so we can make it even better,
and better.

Of course, it didn’t happen in a minute?
It’s been a journey,
where I’ve learned lots along the way:
much like life, really.

The first thought was an app to track your Sadhana.

This turned into
“What about an app that meant
I could travel without several heavy books?”

But why stop there?

‘Let’s put all the elements of our practice in one place,
kriyas, music and timer and a practice tracker.’

How good would that be?

Then I thought:
It could become a library
but that would be clumsy,
you could search it.

So here it is

Your sadhana app
Your practice in your pocket.

It syncs across your iPhone and your iPad
(and depending on you, Android and desktop soon too)
so you can have it on multiple devices. I do.

I use it daily.
I love it.
I think it’s brilliant.
(even if I say so myself
and my luggage allowance thanks me too :-).

Thank you Spirit for the inspiration.
Apologies it took me so long.
I think it was worth the wait.
I so hope you think so too.

Please, please spread the word
and please let me know what you think
on the blog or by email or on Facebook

And a little about me?

My name is Eilish (said like Irish or Stylish) Bouchier

I am an intuitive creative and a designer.

I used to do branding communications for global companies
and some smaller local ones too.
That was then.

Now I apply those skills to a whole range of things
that feeds my mind, body and soul
while I hope also inspiring yours.
I’ve heard it called being a renaissance woman.

One of the things I design is a range
of beautiful and spiritual gemstone jewellery
that is based on the concept of circular giving
(a win-win model where the pieces are produced practicing fair trade,
you benefit from working with the energy of the stones
and some of the profits return to educate young girls in India).
I encode my pieces with energy of the Christ Matrix of Love.
The jewels came from a retreat to John of God in Brazil.
The Christ Matrix of Love is another story.
You can check out the jewels here

I also run workshops and retreats on
becoming who you are
to help you create a road map to live your life in a way
that is meaningful, true and works for you.
It’s about living a healthy, happy and integrated life
that speaks to the core of your being,
while serving those close to you
and your wider community.
Of course, being mindful to have plenty of fun along the way.

But enough about you and me …

Go download the app here


Deleting sadhana, please wait...